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Public Relations: Let’s get the word out on Kiwanis! - 10/31/2017
Submitted by: Dan Leikvold, District Governor
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Recently, the Minnesota Dakotas District bolstered its leadership team and its membership and recruitment efforts by creating a public relations coordinator position. We are fortunate to have that position filled by Katie Ryan-Anderson. Katie is the Marketing Manager for Jamestown Regional Medical Center and is a member of the Jamestown Kiwanis Club. Katie and I have had conversations to identify the essence of the job and to clarify how to utilize the position to help clubs in their public relations endeavors. I would like to share that information with you.

The role of the district public relations coordinator is to:

• Support the district’s strategic plan, including membership...

November Update - 10/31/2017
Submitted by: Steve Handegaard, District Sec/Treas
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Directory of Club Presidents and Secretaries: I emailed all club secretaries a directory of all club presidents and secretaries in the district. If you would like a copy contact your club secretary, or send me an email and I will email it to you. The club directory is not posted on the district website, but is available upon request for Kiwanis related purposes. The best place to find meeting times and locations is on the Kiwanis International Club Locator http://locator.kiwanis.org/FindAClub

Minnesota-Dakotas District Leadership Directory- 2017-2018: Just a reminder that you can find a Minnesota-Dakotas District Leadership Directory on our District website. http://mndak.portalbuzz.com/Page/1018

Convention Corner - 10/30/2017
Submitted by: Judie Rosendahl, District Convention Director
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I want to thank each of you who attended the 100th Minnesota Dakotas Convention and Leadership Conference in Watertown. We had a great time with a great crowd. I extend my sincere appreciation to the Watertown Kiwanis Club for all of their hard work as well as Jeff Anderson who spent many hours putting the convention together with us. I also want to thank all of the forum presenters. We truly did have a great array of forums this year and each one was so well done.

We are now looking to our next convention which will be held in Willmar, Minnesota August 10-12, 2018. Please put that on your calendar now and plan to be there! It is such a pleasure to see old friends and meet new ones. We will...

Formula Team in Motion - 10/30/2017
Submitted by: Sherry Scudder
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I want to thank the Formula team for their hard work in trying to save, stenghten and encourage clubs in their divisions. A big thanks to Dave Odette and Loreena Luetgers. Your leadership is so greatly appreciated. If you hear any concerns about clubs that closing or are losing members, please contact Dave or Loreena so they can assist to help these clubs.

I want to thank Theresa Looby who is helping with the new inquiries that we get from International. She contacts the person inquiring and matches them to a club or if there are multiple clubs she may involve the Lt. Governor in that district to contact them and sometimes she does both.

A Special thanks to Cindy Braseth for holding...

Seeking new Partnership Coordinator - 10/30/2017
Submitted by: Sherry Scudder
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Hi All Kiwanis Members,

I have been working with the Formula Team and am the Partnership Coordinator for the District and it is really too much for me. I would like to know if anyone is interested in this position. If so, please let Governor Dan know. The Partnership Coordinator is responsible for connecting clubs with Kiwanis International and official partners as well as supporting clubs in developing and maintaining signature projects in their communities.

Consider helping Kiwanis in this manner, it is fun, exciting and helpful to your clubs to match up the resources that are available to all clubs through Partnerships.

Service - 10/29/2017
Submitted by: Al Vanderlaan
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We are flying into the new Kiwanis year 2017–2018 .

I hope everyone is starting a successful new year. If you need any help or have questions with service programs I am ready to help you with ideas.

Please let me know what you are doing new in your clubs. I will be happy to include them in next month's notes or you can submit an article and photo yourself by going to the District website/News Submission.

I can tell you what several clubs in Division 5 just completed. Several clubs including Sioux Falls South, Sioux Falls Daybreaker, Sioux Falls Downtown, Mitchell, Chamberlin, and Watertown put gift boxes together along with blankets and used childrens books. Jeff Anderson and...

Key Club Holds Fall Rally - 10/29/2017
Submitted by: Mary Beth Townsend
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The Minnesota Dakotas Key Club annual Fall Leadership Rally was held at the YMCA Camp Ihduhapi in Loretto, Minnesota October 13-15th. Students and adults participated in leadership building workshops, completed service projects, challenged themselves on a high ropes course, and even completed an "escape room" challenge!

More information is available on the Key Club District website: minndakkeyclub.org

Kiwanis members are welcome to join Key Club at any of our events. Our next event is our district convention and leadership training weekend (DCON) which will be held April 13-15th in Willmar, Minnesota. Look for more information, including registration forms on the website.

ICON: Knowing our Hosts - 10/29/2017
Submitted by: Courtney Taylor, OTIC Chair
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The 2018 Kiwanis International Convention will be held in the California-Nevada-Hawaii District (also called Cal-Nev-Ha or CNH). CNH is comprised of three states and forty divisions. They have 3,200 Circle K members, 44,700 Key Club members, and 800 Aktion Club members. They also have more than 100 K-Kids Clubs and 135 Builders Clubs. Unique to CNH is a group of high schoolers called KIWINs. Originally called the Keyettes and later the Keywanettes, this branch of Kiwanis was formed for high school girls in the ‘70s when Key Club was still limited to boys only. The organization remains today but without its original gender designation.

One of their best-known projects is the float they...

This a New Year - 10/29/2017
Submitted by: E Chuck Schroder
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I have been asked by your district Chair to write this article for her this month since she has been tied up with past Lt. Governor's duties.

I would like to introduce your new Children's Fund chair. She is Kathleen Welle from Fridley, Min. She has been past club president for the Columbia Heights-Fridley Kiwanis Club and served as a Lt. Governor for division seven. Kathy has a very good understanding of Kiwanis and the Children's Fund and will do an outstanding job. I'm looking forword to working with her from the international side of things. Give her all your support as you did for me when I was chairman.

Most of your club budgets have been put into place and I would...

Kiwanis One Day - 10/29/2017
Club: Fargo - Submitted by: Rachael Disrud
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Kiwanis One Day was celebrated on Saturday, October 29 at Charism, a center for families in Community Homes. The event was led by the Fargo Kiwanis Club who invited all Fargo Moorhead Clubs to join in. Key Clubs from Oak Grove and Fargo High Schools participated through providing face painting for the children and making decorations for families to enjoy. Other contributions included changing light bulbs, updating smoke alarms, dancing, music, Halloween treats and other projects as needed. Even though the first winter storm interrupted the event, many Kiwanians shared in the service project which has the potential to become an annual event.